Dieting and Fitness – Diet Plan

There are two main elements of a long and healthy life. They are diet and fitness. This may seem obvious but how many of us consciously eat and exercise with this in mind. Well, you won’t be surprised to know that the answer is, not many. Some us may exercise regularly and some of us may eat healthily but sadly very few of us do both.

There are many diet plans today that will help with weight loss but not necessarily combine exercise routines to promote or further your fitness levels.

Undoubtedly, it is possible to lose several pounds or more with dieting alone or to a lesser degree with exercise only. One thing you should bear in mind is that you can still carry a few extra pounds and be physically fit. But, in general it is far more likely that those of us carrying those extra pounds are less fit as a result.

You have no doubt heard the term “we are what we eat”. There’s a certain truth to this, but what would make more sense when speaking of dieting and fitness is “we are what we do”. Certainly diet and exercise can be included in this context.

Consuming large quantities of food with high fat but little protein content will do very little if you want to build extra muscle or look after what you already have. Unless you are prepared to accept that, you may as well throw out those weights your partner bought for your birthday.

With dieting and fitness, better results can be achieved when they are done in combination. A regular exercise plan can help burn off the extra fat and excess calories. While eating the correct foods on a good diet plan helps to provide your body with the fuel and nutrients required to build muscle.

A pound of bricks weighs exactly the same as a pound of feathers. Likewise, a pound of fat weighs exactly the same as a pound of muscle. However, there can be a big difference in the size of that pound. When the number of pounds increase, size can increase dramatically and therein lies part of the answer.

When dieting and regular exercise are done together, the weight loss may be less apparent than size loss. You should always keep this in mind when checking your progress. A measuring tape should be used and considered just as important a tool as the set of weighing scales you possess. You do have scales? Perhaps an unwanted gift from a friend? Or maybe you have hidden them? Whatever the case, get them out and use them on a regular basis.

Don’t be disappointed if you don’t always seem to be losing weight when you step on the scales. This is quite natural and to be expected, especially if you are building muscle. Scales should never be used as the sole measurement of your progress since this will prove to be misleading and could quite possibly put you off dieting and fitness completely.

Remember that you will be fitter and slimmer not by losing weight as the result of a diet alone but by using a proper combination of a good diet plan and regular exercise routines.

Finding Support With Online Diets And Weight Loss Groups

Beginning a new diet and weight loss plan can be a difficult task, especially when you do not have supportive friends or family members to encourage you. It is hard enough to stick to a diet and exercise program when people are being supportive. When the people around you are eating junk food and encouraging you to skip workouts, it can be nearly impossible to lose weight. Local dieting groups can provide the supportive atmosphere you need to stay on track, but you may not have the time or money to join a local weight loss clinic or club. Groups like Weight Watchers are popular, but members must pay to be a part of the group.

A great alternative to local dieting groups are online diet groups. With the help of the Internet, you can easily meet other dieters with the same goals. Since you can meet dieters from all around the world, there is a good chance that you will meet someone like yourself. Some of the well-organized online groups include online diet help. Some websites offer weight loss journals, daily meal plans, calorie counters and diet and exercise tips. Some sites offer online weight loss forums so that dieters can interact with one another. Online weight loss forums offer plenty of online diet help and support, and people can share there personal stories, goals and advice on an online forum.

If you are looking for a good diet plan, you can find out about a wide variety of different diets online. There are many sensible online diets, but you should avoid extreme diet plans such as liquid or low calorie diets. It is not difficult to tell which diets are unhealthy. Extreme diets usually make people feel sick and tired, while healthy plans give people plenty of energy. Someone on an unhealthy diet may look pale and feel sluggish, and may be constantly hungry and irritable.

People who are on a healthy program will have rosy cheeks and high energy levels. A healthy plan will include plenty of water, fruit and vegetables. It will also include whole grains and lean meats that are high in protein. You should not feel that you are deprived or starving during a diet. If you become too hungry, your body will enter into starvation mode and shut down your fat burning abilities. The best way to lose weight is to eat small meals and snacks throughout the day to avoid becoming hungry.

Most online diets include a weekly exercise plan. Aerobic workouts will help you to lose weight quickly. You can get a good workout by walking briskly, jogging or participating in an aerobics class. Some people prefer to join a gym and others prefer to exercise on their own at home. If you want to workout at home, you can purchase a treadmill, Stairmaster or aerobic step. Even an inexpensive skipping rope can provide fantastic aerobic benefits. It is a good idea to find fun ways to exercise. Joining a baseball team, playing tennis or going on bicycle rides will help you to burn calories while you are enjoying yourself.