Coping With Depression – Is There a Vaccine For it, Doctor?

It is estimated that 121 million people worldwide are coping with depression according to the World Health Organisation, and that often, extreme and chronic stress is the root cause. Is there immunity from this condition?

It appears that the moment we take ourselves to the doctor and present with certain symptoms, we are branded as mentally ill, given a script for antidepressants and/or sent to a therapist. But, is this the solution for such a massive number of people worldwide? What is really going on here?

Are we just a machine that has become defective and needs fixing? If we are coping with depression, Immunity does not come in a bottle of tablets. Popping pills just reinforces peoples’ belief that there is something wrong with them and, if we look to the past for therapeutic solutions, that is where we are likely to remain.

Even the “professionals” themselves do not have all the answers with conflicting information being given out on all manner of things.

On the one hand we are told that low serotonin levels can leave us coping with depression and so, to gain immunity, we can increase these levels by eating chocolate, doing exercise and getting out into the sun. With the same breath, we are informed that chocolate is bad for us and that too much sun can lead to cancer.

Let’s enjoy a glass of red wine, its benefits include protecting us from growing tumours and reducing our stress levels, – oh no! Can’t do that! Alcohol is apparently a depressant that actually causes cancer.

Well, what is anyone to believe and is it any wonder most of us are experiencing chronic stress and left coping with depression; the sign of a conflicted mind?

We don’t know which way to turn or what to do for the best.

The only thing that is wrong is our thinking.

Maybe the real problem lies in our disconnection to our own inner selves. Believing that outer things can provide us with immunity from our own negative thinking is unrealistic.

Our lack of trust and faith in our own ability to solve our problems and raise our self-esteem in the process, is the problem we are all facing in this world.

What better immunity to coping with depression could there be, than focussing on solutions and constructive thoughts, and trusting that we do have the answers within us and the strength to carry them out?

Oral Care

There are lots of diseases associated with teeth, but, gum diseases are more common than others.

Almost all of the teeth related problems occur because of bacterial action. So, it is of utmost importance to take such steps that may help you to clean your teeth in the right way. Cleaning is the most important thing that will help you to stay away from dental diseases.

In terms of cleaning, you will have to decide about a toothbrush and a tooth paste. For toothbrush, it is better to go with a brush that may be putting just about perfect pressure on your gums. You must always keep in mind that a right toothbrush can help you to avoid certain gum diseases. So, do take your time before actually buying a toothbrush.

Here, you must also understand the right way of cleaning your teeth. A tooth has five surfaces; back, front, two sides and chewing surface. You must place bristle tips on your gums at 45 degrees as this will help you to clean the gums in a right way. Bristles should be moved in a back and forth motion in short strokes.

After dealing with gums, you can proceed with rest of the cleaning. Here, one thing is worth mentioning that you must apply toothpaste without wetting your toothbrush as this will work in a better way to remove plaque. Also, you can use a small headed toothbrush to clean those areas which are hard-to-reach. So, these are the small things that you must keep in mind while cleaning your teeth.

Apart from cleaning your teeth in the right way, you must also try to keep an eye on the food that you eat. If you will be eating foods having too much sugar, then you will have to face different dental problems. So, stay away from eating such foods which may be having excessive sugar. It is not only harmful for your teeth, but, it will also make you gain excessive weight.

Also, it is better to stay away from chocolates as they come with excessive sugar. Instead of using such sugary products, you must use fruits and vegetables along with things having calcium which is essential for your teeth and bones. So, you can also make things better for you by staying away from sugary products and eating natural products.

There certainly is no doubt in the fact that dental diseases are not life threatening, but, the pain that is associated with dental diseases can really make your forget the rest of the world. So, you must take right steps at right time to keep yourself away from experiencing the pain that comes with dental diseases. So, clean your teeth in the perfect way along with having balanced diet as this is the only way to stay away from painful dental diseases.

Help Your Child Cooperate: Learn To See The World Through Your Child’s Eyes

In all the classes that I teach, I emphasize the importance of using empathy in all of our relationships. If we are empathetic we possess one of the most fundamental people skills. Empathy is also a powerful and essential parenting tool. Empathy helps us reduce conflict with our kids and aids us in building meaningful relationships. When we are empathetic with our children we model for them how to treat people respectfully, how to truly listen and how to sincerely show others care.

When our children are misbehaving we have a hard time being empathetic. We as parents often forget how tough it is to be a kid. For us parents to be truly empathetic we need to get into our children’s heads. One helpful way to do that when we are managing misbehavior is to look at what is really bothering our child and making them act in a negative way. Looking at the situation from the child’s perspective will give us new insights on how to discipline effectively.

I once watched a T.V. show where the producer taped a video camera to the top of a crawling baby’s head. Viewers were able to see a home through a baby’s eyes. The tables and chairs in the kitchen looked giant-like and the living room look like an army obstacle course. It was overwhelming and scary looking. The purpose of the program was to show parents how to baby proof their house. I understood the lesson a little bit differently. I took it to heart. I thought of how to apply this to what I know about being empathetic and how important it is to see the world from a child’s point of view.

I was able to apply this principle right away. When I took my son to his first swimming lesson it made sense to me why he didn’t get into the pool. He was not misbehaving when he became uncooperative. The pool looked like an ocean to him. I expected him to jump right in. Once I was able to understand what my son was feeling, I could empathize and say, “This pool looks like a huge bathtub, and you have only used our small bathtub at home. I can see why you would feel uncomfortable getting in. You might want to just watch the other children swimming until you get used to seeing so much water in one place. When you get comfortable you might feel ready to put your toe in.”

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Sarcoma Cancer Survival Rate

In the recent years, the medical field has been trying to come up with ways to increase the sarcoma cancer survival rate, but without much luck. As of today, the sarcoma cancer survival rate is still amongst the lowest in all cancer types and seemed to continually decline as more studies are conducted.

Sarcoma may equally develop on both adults and children and may start at any parts of the body. Most sarcomas arise from soft tissues and bones with 60% starting from our extremities, 30% on the middle body part like the abdomen, and 10% from the head and neck. Not many people acquire this cancer – reports that only 1% of all adult cancer cases are sarcoma. However, the disease is quite high in children at around 15%.

The most common type of sarcoma is soft-tissue sarcoma which arises from connective tissues in our body. This type of sarcoma is pretty common because it naturally occurs at any parts of the body.

A 5 year sarcoma cancer survival rate is the ratio between the number of patients with sarcoma who are still alive 5 years after being diagnosed to the number of those who didn’t make it. Regardless of the stage or type of sarcoma cancer, the sarcoma cancer survival rate is relatively 50-50 so 1 out of 2 patients live more than 5 years with adequate cure.

Some researchers argue with this result because there are types of sarcomas that are naturally more critical compared to the other types.

Eighty three percent of those patients who were diagnosed at the first stage of the cancer were able to survive until 5 years. Treatment at this stage usually includes surgery and a couple of chemotherapy sessions. Four out of five patients remain living because at this stage, the cancer is very easy to remove since it is still confined at one part of the body.

It’s when the sarcoma begins spreading out of other tissues that the sarcoma survival rate may become quite lower. And at the final stage, only 1 out of 8 people survive the cancer and add 5 or more years in their lives.

The good thing is more than half of the patients with sarcoma are diagnosed at the first stages. Hopefully, this will increase more with the help of more advanced equipments and more medical missions to propagate awareness of sarcoma cancer not just in the US but also worldwide.