Coping With Depression – Is There a Vaccine For it, Doctor?

It is estimated that 121 million people worldwide are coping with depression according to the World Health Organisation, and that often, extreme and chronic stress is the root cause. Is there immunity from this condition?

It appears that the moment we take ourselves to the doctor and present with certain symptoms, we are branded as mentally ill, given a script for antidepressants and/or sent to a therapist. But, is this the solution for such a massive number of people worldwide? What is really going on here?

Are we just a machine that has become defective and needs fixing? If we are coping with depression, Immunity does not come in a bottle of tablets. Popping pills just reinforces peoples’ belief that there is something wrong with them and, if we look to the past for therapeutic solutions, that is where we are likely to remain.

Even the “professionals” themselves do not have all the answers with conflicting information being given out on all manner of things.

On the one hand we are told that low serotonin levels can leave us coping with depression and so, to gain immunity, we can increase these levels by eating chocolate, doing exercise and getting out into the sun. With the same breath, we are informed that chocolate is bad for us and that too much sun can lead to cancer.

Let’s enjoy a glass of red wine, its benefits include protecting us from growing tumours and reducing our stress levels, – oh no! Can’t do that! Alcohol is apparently a depressant that actually causes cancer.

Well, what is anyone to believe and is it any wonder most of us are experiencing chronic stress and left coping with depression; the sign of a conflicted mind?

We don’t know which way to turn or what to do for the best.

The only thing that is wrong is our thinking.

Maybe the real problem lies in our disconnection to our own inner selves. Believing that outer things can provide us with immunity from our own negative thinking is unrealistic.

Our lack of trust and faith in our own ability to solve our problems and raise our self-esteem in the process, is the problem we are all facing in this world.

What better immunity to coping with depression could there be, than focussing on solutions and constructive thoughts, and trusting that we do have the answers within us and the strength to carry them out?

Freedom From Depression

We live in a fast-paced environment with changes happening at the blink of an eye. We are submerged into extreme expectation, living in a lightning rat race. No wonder, most of us are stressed and depressed. Depression if not immediately corrected can lead to serious psychological problems.

Most people fight depression with food. Psychologists have a lot of explanations about the connection of food to depression. Regardless of the connection, using food as depression buster is counter-productive and counter-intuitive. When people are depressed they are more likely to eat more and eat more of the unhealthy foods like junk food. This leads to being overweight and unhealthy. Eating to overcome depression only results to gaining weight. Gaining weight only serves to intensify the depression and add to feelings of worthlessness.

Depression can be easily addressed by simple depression busters. Depression busters are designed to make us feel good and look good.


Lack of sleep magnifies the effects of depression. You need to get enough undisturbed sleep of about 6 to 8 hours each night. You need to sleep at the right time which is by 9 p.m. and until at least 5 a.m. which is the time when the body repairs itself. Sleeping beyond this time will not make you feel rested. You also need to try at least 15-30 minutes of catnap during the day.


Meditation reduces stress and helps us sleep better. When you meditate, you clear negative thoughts from your mind. Develop the habit of meditating for at least 10 minutes a day. Find a quiet place and sit down, close your eyes, take slow deep breathes and just shut your mind from the environment and stop thinking.

Eat Right

Eat the right kinds of food especially when your depression pushes you to devour food. Instead of junk food devour depression buster fruits and vegetables like apricots, broccoli, cantaloupe, carrots, peaches, blueberries, grapefruit, kiwi, oranges, and tomatoes.

Drink Right

Research says that dehydration can lead to depression. Remember, how bad you felt during a confrontation but felt better immediately after drinking water? Drink to a minimum 8 glasses of water a day. Water is not only a depression buster but for your health and good skin too.


Exercising takes your mind off from worries. You don’t have to take strenuous exercises; 15 minutes daily walk in the park is good enough to make you feel better. When we are physically active our brain secretes endorphins, a chemical that makes us feel good.

Let the Light Shine

Whenever possible get your sunlight vitamin. Take your walks in the morning so that you get exposed to sunlight. An environment of sunshine takes the blues away.

Smile Regimen

You may not feel like smiling but just put on a smile. A smile will change your mood. Try smiling the moment you wake up. This will immediately condition your mind to tell you that you are happy. This is the body and mind connection. When you smile, the mind is conditioned to feelings of joy and happiness.

Wear Bright Colored Clothes

The clothes we wear can affect our mood. Dark clothing tends to increase the effects of depression. Color can stimulate positive feelings; red is a live and energy color. Buddhist monks do not wear orange robes without a reason. Orange and other vibrant colors create a vibrant energy field.

Prolonged stress can signify that depression may not be too far. Practice above simple steps to keep depression at bay in our depression-inducing environment.