Coping With Depression – Is There a Vaccine For it, Doctor?

It is estimated that 121 million people worldwide are coping with depression according to the World Health Organisation, and that often, extreme and chronic stress is the root cause. Is there immunity from this condition?

It appears that the moment we take ourselves to the doctor and present with certain symptoms, we are branded as mentally ill, given a script for antidepressants and/or sent to a therapist. But, is this the solution for such a massive number of people worldwide? What is really going on here?

Are we just a machine that has become defective and needs fixing? If we are coping with depression, Immunity does not come in a bottle of tablets. Popping pills just reinforces peoples’ belief that there is something wrong with them and, if we look to the past for therapeutic solutions, that is where we are likely to remain.

Even the “professionals” themselves do not have all the answers with conflicting information being given out on all manner of things.

On the one hand we are told that low serotonin levels can leave us coping with depression and so, to gain immunity, we can increase these levels by eating chocolate, doing exercise and getting out into the sun. With the same breath, we are informed that chocolate is bad for us and that too much sun can lead to cancer.

Let’s enjoy a glass of red wine, its benefits include protecting us from growing tumours and reducing our stress levels, – oh no! Can’t do that! Alcohol is apparently a depressant that actually causes cancer.

Well, what is anyone to believe and is it any wonder most of us are experiencing chronic stress and left coping with depression; the sign of a conflicted mind?

We don’t know which way to turn or what to do for the best.

The only thing that is wrong is our thinking.

Maybe the real problem lies in our disconnection to our own inner selves. Believing that outer things can provide us with immunity from our own negative thinking is unrealistic.

Our lack of trust and faith in our own ability to solve our problems and raise our self-esteem in the process, is the problem we are all facing in this world.

What better immunity to coping with depression could there be, than focussing on solutions and constructive thoughts, and trusting that we do have the answers within us and the strength to carry them out?